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Managing the Strategic Planning Process

To establish and manage the process for setting vision, strategy, and direction to be a world-class company and improve the company’s competitive position.

To ensure the strategy is reflected through driving and supporting roadmaps that direct all programs, projects, plans and actions throughout the company. Your business Vision and Strategic Plan need to be explicit so that your people have clear direction for their plans and activities. It will demand the setting of business priorities and clear communication when deploying your plans and your Business Excellence program throughout the business.


Managing and Leading People

To ensure a Leadership and Team Based Culture exists to capitalise on agile organisational changes in alignment to changing market and customer dynamics.

People are the ultimate differentiator as business gets more competitive and markets more demanding. I’ll help you to think through your business values and how you are organised for the tasks ahead, so that you are clear about the company culture and behaviours that you need, and that you have active development programs designed to improve the competencies of your people for the new challenges ahead.


Driving Business Improvement

To deploy a comprehensive Business Improvement approach utilising a full suite of improvement methods to drive your business results up to world-class performance.

The approach is deployed in support of behaviour change and recognises the hierarchy of process, the hierarchy of performance measurement, and their ownership. This articulates the maturity of your business improvement processes. It then challenges how you prioritise your Business Improvement programs to achieve the early gains in areas that create a solid foundation for the future.


Integrated Business Planning

To integrate all plans, deploy the business strategy, and drive proactive business management, this process  uses modelling of scenarios to optimise business plans and performance.

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the business management process driving strategy deployment and optimised business performance, and thereby it directs revenue-generating activities. The IBP process is becoming the unique and, increasingly, the de facto best-practice approach to deploy business strategy and manage integration with day-to-day activity.


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