Catastrophe Response Workforce Planning & Monitoring

Catastrophe Response Workforce Planning & Monitoring

My client was a New Zealand Crown Financial Institution (CFI) that provided insurance cover for residential land, contents, and buildings damaged by natural disasters.


My client was facing problems sourcing and organising contract staff required to assess a rapidly growing number of insurance claims resulting from earthquakes.

  • Unable to source enough contractors to keep up with operational demand
  • Claims were not being expeditiously assessed
  • The public were complaining to the media and local government

I was asked to provide a solution to the business problem.

I identified business analysis deliverables which included:

  • Documentation of existing supply chain management process
  • Root cause analysis
  • Solution options
  • Recommendation of tools and technologies
  • Recommended optimal solution


We sourced, organised, rostered, resourced, deployed and grew a contractor workforce up to 1600, to assess claims for damage, that was large enough to keep ahead of increasing operational, political, and public demand.


There were many areas for improvement. I laid out a progressive plan for improvements based on priority.

  • Identified and analysed stakeholders who would be involved in the analysis and solution delivery process
  • Reviewed existing documents, met with subject matter experts and people involved in the supply chain process and come up with the activities and tasks required for the analysis
  • Estimated the time for activities and tasks and identified those who are involved in performing them
  • Established the process of decision making, change control, prioritisation, and approval
  • Determined how I was to store and retrieve business analysis information
  • Met with the key stakeholders to review and get approval on the business analysis approach


We solved a complex problem, used off the shelf software (MS Excel), delivered a scalable solution, significantly reduced lost productivity costs, built a very large contracted workforce in a short space of time.

We provided regular workforce reports and ad hoc business intelligence reports to the client as needed.

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