Agile & Lean WordPress Development & Management

Agile & Lean WordPress Development & Management

My client is psychology training and counselling business Brisbane Australia. Paul, the CEO is also my Psychology lecturer.


In 2016, Paul’s WordPress website was being regularly hacked. The website host was unable to prevent the hacks from occurring.

  • The site hadn’t received core updates in 9 years.
  • The sites theme and plug-ins were all out of date.
  • The site was vulnerable from automated scripts executed by bots designed to take over the site.
  • There was no regular site-wide backup.

I was asked to fix and then secure the site. The main obstacle was that the site was technically obsolete. The updates and repairs would have broken the site.


New site on a secure server. I built a main site and sub domain for a Learning Management System (LMS). The sites sell physical products, online training courses, bookings and appointments. I built sales and marketing funnels, online forms, and digital marketing systems. I host, build, and manage the sites.


Back up the site. Clone it and install it on a development server. Fix as many security holes as possible. Migrate the patched site back to the live server.

Propose a new site (future state). Elicit epic and user stories, build Minimum Viable Product (MVP), continuously deliver over time until the site is representative of the future state (always changing).

“Paul tells me what he wants, I contribute technical possibilities, capabilities, and restraints. I document our discussion as an “epic or user story”. I research options and propose solutions. We agree on a solution.

I scribble the solution on my “Kanban whiteboard”. Then I get to work building it. Thats it! We build in iterations until the feature is complete and functioning properly. Then we move onto the next feature.


We have built some very cool solutions together. I like the brainstorming, I’m always trying to picture what Paul wants, then putting the technical options together in my mind.

“If I can see it in my mind then I can build it”.

We have been collaborating since 2016. There are a couple more projects in the works. We are building a membership solution and tidying up the first iteration of the online appointment booking solution.

We don’t rely on any formal documentation or framework. We apply the tool most appropriate to getting the job done. That might be a technique from Agile, one from Lean, some from Six-Sigma. I apply the tool that is: “most applicable to delivering a solution my client needs”.

This is the MMA of the Business Development and WordPress development world! The key to the success of our business relationship is “trust and value”.