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Achieving World-Class Business Excellence

COMING SOON. Learn to be more effective, make your business more profitable, and find future growth opportunities. Assessing your business against a world-class standard is an essential part of your organisations learning and measuring process. It allows your organisation to identify strengths and find improvement opportunities. Contact me to find out more.

Financial Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

COMING SOON. Learn what you need to know about the numbers. For entrepreneurs and company owners who need to understand what is happening in their company from a financial perspective. It provides the financial knowledge you need to run your business more effectively. Contact me to find out more.

Advanced Risk Modeling Using Bayesian Networks

COMING SOON. Focusing on practical, real-world problem solving and model building, as opposed to algorithms and theory. This course shows you how to incorporate knowledge with data to develop and use (Bayesian) causal models of risk that provide powerful insights and better decision making. Contact me to find out more.

Risk Modeling Using Excel Spreadsheets

COMING SOON. For anyone interested in conducting applied quantitative risk analysis for business. Dispensing with the use of complex mathematics, concentrating on how powerful techniques and methods can be used correctly within a spreadsheet environment. Contact me to find out more.