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Working with you and your team we apply Investigative Agile Business Analysis to continuously deliver stakeholder value.

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Source of Failure

71% of projects fail for the same reason. Together we eliminate that reason.

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Agile Business Analyst

You focus on business as usual. Hire me to focus on business tomorrow.

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Stakeholder Value

Together we continuously innovate. We deliver endless stakeholder value.

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Stakeholder Value

Our destination is always maximum stakeholder value. We measure that with KPI’s and other metrics suitable to your business or project. But how do we get there?

What is our strategy to deliver value?

Investigate (verb)

Carry out a systematic or formal inquiry to discover and examine facts to establish the truth.

Analyse (verb)

Examine (something) methodically and in detail, typically in order to explain and interpret it.

Investigation & Analysis at Three Horizons

Continuously delivering stakeholder value requires our team to sense and respond to local opportunities and problems without the need to involve the whole organisation.

At the same time, our team must look forward into emerging threats and opportunities that affect the whole organisation.

Strategy Horizon

Our decisions that impact the entire organisation.
The purpose of our investigation & analysis at the Strategy Horizon is to inform decisions regarding the organisation's business goals.
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Initiative Horizon

Our decisions that impact our goal, initiative, or team.
The purpose of our investigation & analysis at the Initiative Horizon is to inform decisions regarding solution options, features, priorities, and lifespan.
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Delivery Horizon

Our decisions that impact the delivery of our solutions.
The purpose of our investigation & analysis at the Delivery Horizon is to inform decisions regarding the delivery of the solution.
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Along the Way, We Cross Rivers & Overcome Roadblocks

Stakeholder engagement is our main roadblock. If we don’t fully engage and connect with our stakeholders, we elicit poor requirements or user stories, leading to bad solutions and costly rework.

We end up building something that no one wants or needs.

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Software projects fail due to poor requirements wasting $250 billion.
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Effort in a software project goes into fixing errors costing $46 billion.
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Requirements are defective needing rework costing time and money.

Investigative Approach to Business Analysis

As a team, we brainstorm and hypothesise what a stakeholder might like our solution to do. Then we engage our stakeholders to prove or disprove our hypothesis. We iterate (hypothesise) until we have the absolute need or want. Then we write the results as a requirement or user story.

We End Up at the Right Place Together

Happy Stakeholders

Right first time! Solution is intuitive and makes stakeholders jobs easier.

Excellent Solution

MVP or Just in Time - the solution fits the purpose, is timely, and profitable.

Personal Satisfaction

Nothing better than knowing your solution satisfies stakeholders.

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