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Analyst &

Innovation Analysis - is often unstructured, we focus on free thinking, creativity, brainstorming, and alternative analyses.

Project Management - is very structured, a well-defined scope, often low tolerance for any creativity believed to be out of scope.

Business Strategy - helps us ensure our innovation projects are linked into long-term strategic priorities.

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Innovation Analysis & Management

“There are only two sources for growth: marketing and innovation.” (Drucker 2008)

Today business as usual is not an option. The business environment is constantly changing, every day competitors are bringing to market new products and services, changing the competitive landscape, making existing products and services obsolete.

The more competitive your market, the greater your need for successful innovation. Continuous Innovation can provide your company with a sustainable competitive advantage that differentiates your company from your competitors. But continuous innovation comes with significant risks too.

Innovation Analysis & Management

I bridge the gaps between Innovation, Project Management, and Business Strategy.

Stakeholders want information about the innovation projects in the company’s pipeline. This gives them an indication of possible success in the future. Innovation on its own cannot provide that level of detail.

Project management helps us provide a greater level of detail and mitigate risks. But traditional project management doesn’t always fit with innovation.

Business strategy helps us ensure our innovation projects are linked into long-term strategic priorities. This is essential for the innovation project to have a lasting positive impact on the company.

I’m an Experienced Investigator, Analyst, & Manager

I love working with people to help them identify problems then design and implement solutions that solve those problems.

I’m available for short term and fixed term contract work in New Zealand and Australia. Just call me on +64 20 4165 4856 or use the form at the bottom of this page to send me a message.