Jared Stanger



Working with people one on one or as part of a team within companies, I’m employed for the same reason –To Help People Grow Through Transformation and Change.


Meaning is the primary motivating force in an individual’s life. Irrespective of our circumstances, discovering meaning will significantly improve our quality of life. 

Logotherapy or Meaning-Centred Psychotherapy is designed to enhance meaning, spiritual well-being, and quality of life. We all desire to find meaning in our existence, and we all have the ability to find meaning even during times of great suffering.

Using the tools and techniques of Logotherapy I work one on one with people to help them discover or rediscover meaning in their lives and use that meaning as a catalyst for growth, transformation, and change.


Success for programs involving organisational growth, transformation, and change is largely dependent on the support of people (employees). But the threat of these programs can cause upheaval to the meaning individuals experience in the workplace, which often leads to people resisting the program.

People want more than a job – they want meaning in the work they do. Most employers want their people to engage and help grow the business. So is work doomed to be meaningless? No. Work can at times be boring, but we can love the people (colleagues, customers, community), but if we don’t have a positive attitude we can get stuck.


Results and studies have shown that organisations undergoing, growth, transformation, and change can benefit from the approach of Logotherapy and Meaning Cantered Psychotherapy.

For both people and companies readiness for and adaptability to change is imperative for survival and longevity. Every effort must be made to diagnose and address lack of meaning or (existential vacuum).

Results are delivered when organisations focus on their people’s primary motivation in life – that of finding meaning – this approach ultimately plays a significant role in organisations achieving a sustainable people-based competitive advantage.



Currently, I am working throughout New Zealand and Australia as a Personal Coach and Business Consultant. Drop me a line if you have a situation or project you think I can add value too. I look forward to hearing from you soon.