Performance Improvements using Business Analysis & Risk Management

When we discuss how I can help improve your business, the only assumption I’ll make is that you want results, not just better processes. Using the tools of Business Analysis, Risk Management, Coaching & Education it is possible to make improvements that genuinely transform the performance of your organisation and create more fulfilling roles for your people working in it.

Knowledge Transfer for Transformation and Change

People who are working in your organisation are the only people who can truly implement organisational transformation and change. My goal is to transfer my knowledge and real-world experience to your people, ensuring that your people, processes, and technology are aligned and integrated throughout your organisation.

Integrated Business Analysis

Risk & Decision Assessment

Coaching & Educating

Sustained Business Improvement


Glen Archer - CEO
"We engaged Jared as a consultant to analyse risks involved with manufacturing products in China, exporting and importing into USA markets. He was very thorough and explained in detailed reports what risks we could expect to face and communicated this to us in a way we could fully comprehend simplifying our decision-making process."

Glen Archer - CEO

"As we expand our business into other countries, we will contract Jared’s skills to conduct the same business risk analysis. We highly recommend Jared’s services."

Dr Paul McQuillan

"Jared's attention to detail and work done is not simply satisfactory it's outstanding. His technical work and capacity to provide advice is excellent."

John Maio - CEO

"...his attention to detail, records and contemporaneous evidence was vital to legal proceedings going forward. High skill set and professional integrity."

Prefer a personal discussion?

If you would like to discuss how I can coach, guide and inspire your people to create continuous improvement and innovation then…

Business Analysis & Risk Assessment

Focusing on practical, real-world problem solving and model building, as opposed to algorithms and theory, I'll incorporate knowledge with data to build causal models of risk that provide powerful insights and better decision making.

Coaching & Education

During the last 17 years decade, I've coached, guided, and inspired people to drive change in their own lives and throughout their organisations, allowing them to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that becomes for you ‘the way we do things around here’.

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