99.99% of Successful Agile Teams Include A Person Who Is A

Factual Investigator - Business Analyst - Risk Analyst

If that person is also a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), WordPress host, developer and manager, AND that person is an active student of Psychology and Philosophy, PLUS the person already has 5 Diplomas and 9 Cert IV’s, built on top of a 12 year career in sales, marketing and management, THEN contacting him to see if he will be a good fit with your team is a GREAT IDEA.

Good Fit With Agile Teams

Factual Investigation – Business Analysis – Risk Analysis – Loss Adjusting – Coaching & Educating – WordPress Development. Available to work with stakeholders and teams to describe, design, and deliver solutions that increase business and stakeholder value.

Using creativity, proven tools and techniques to analyse and solve problems, and communication skills to help people feel relaxed when information is being elicited or presented.

A mix of business and technical experience makes me a valuable asset and good fit for Agile project teams.


Business Analysis

Risk Analysis

WordPress Dev

Jared Stanger Bio pic - Factual Investigator - Business Analyst - Risk Analyst

Who Is Jared Stanger?

I’m a Kiwi from Christchurch New Zealand. For 30 years I’ve worked for or contracted to governments, corporations, small businesses, and individuals throughout Australia and New Zealand. The work I do is complex, often difficult, but ultimately rewarding for me and valuable to my clients.

I’m a life-long learner. I have many “hard skills” and qualifications. In 2016 I enrolled as a student of Psychology and Philosophy (Logotherapy). My aim is to develop my “soft skills” and competencies so I can better understand and communicate with a diverse range of people.


factual Investigation

Uncover facts, gather evidence, conduct interviews, write reports.

WordPress Development

Host, build, manage. SEO, digital marketing, directories, LMS, membership, & booking sites.

Risk Analysis

Quantitative risk analysis using spreadsheets and Bayesian Networks.

Coaching & mentoring

Work with people to plan their path through the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Business Analysis

Business intelligence, technology, web, business architecture, business processes.

Fourth Industrial Revolution

Provide specific & practical information about the technology that’s driving the FIR.
Sales, marketing & management
Investigation, Analysis, WebDev
Successful Client Engagements

Working Process

There are dozens of proven paths to follow. Personally I like John Boyd’s OODA Loops. I was introduced to OODA while working in disaster recovery, when information was scarce, everything was urgent, time was short and we had to make decisions with imperfect data. “If we are going to fail, then lets fail fast, learn form it, and keep moving forward”. It also slots in perfectly with other frameworks utilised by my clients.


Take in data. We are looking for triggers, internal & external events. Connecting to data sources.


Make sense of data. Building context for decision execution. Orchestrate, transform, predict, and build.


Make a decision. Model decisions using business rules, business analytics, AI, business processes.


Test hypothesis & apply actions. Take action based on the consequences and results of the decision execution.

Case Studies


"We had previously contracted Jared to work with us on four projects over the past 10 years.

In 2018 we engaged Jared as a consultant to analyse risks involved with manufacturing products in China, exporting and importing into USA Amazon markets.

He was very thorough and explained in detailed reports what business risks we could expect to face and communicated this to us in a way we could fully comprehend simplifying our decision-making process.

As we expand our business into other countries, we will contract Jared’s skills to conduct the same business risk analysis. We highly recommend Jared’s services.

Glen Archer - Global Quest CEO
Glen Archer
CEO - Global Quest

Jared created my website, Lifechange Therapies. Jared provided innovative designs and he worked hand in hand with us throughout the process.

Jared works at issues until solutions are found and he finds those solutions in consultation with his clients. Jared's attention to detail and the work done is not simply satisfactory it is outstanding!

Since that initial project, we have contracted Jared to build a Learning Management System (LMS), an online Appointment Booking system, and a Membership & Community solution for the Viktor Frankl Institute Australia.

Jared’s technical work and his capacity to provide marketing advice have helped my business grow.

Dr. Paul McQuillan
Dr. paul Mcquillan
CEO - Lifechange Therapies

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